Group Homes for Children

Building a Brighter Future for Our Children

Group Homes for Children

Investing in Our Community’s Youth

Group Homes for Children

Granting Opportunity and Hope

Group Homes for Children

Our children are precious, and every moment used to help them overcome crisis or abuse is invaluable. Here at Group Homes for Children, we strive to make the most of every moment, giving our children the resources and support needed to build a better life.

Group Homes for Children, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency that provides care in a family-like setting to help meet the needs of children in crisis who must be away from their own home. We believe in strengthening and growing our community by providing for children who are so often forgotten.

Your support will allow our organization to give back to our community’s children – granting them hope and a brighter future.


Temporary Care

To provide temporary care for children who have a family crisis or may be victims of abuse or neglect


Long-Term Residential Care

To provide long-term residential care and treatment for children in a home-like setting.


Strengthening the Family

To strengthen the child’s family by working toward reunification.

Scholer Home

Scholer Home is a residential home licensed for both temporary emergency placements and longer-term female residents aged 12-18. This home provides a residence for girls aimed at their growth toward responsible behavior and returning home or emancipation.

Town Pal

You could become a Town Pal and befriend a child. Help him or her develop high self-esteem by serving as a positive role model and friend – engaging in fun community activities and events.

Parent Resources

Our ‘Parent Resources’ contains helpful links and resources for parents and guardians. Learn more about these resources by clicking the link below.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Group Homes for Children does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in any of our activities, including admission, access to our programs, or employment. Group Homes for Children is licensed by the Indiana Department of Child Services and approved by the Division of Family Resources and the State Fire Marshall.

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